About Me

valerie_mey Valerie Mey MS, RDN, CD


After graduating from Salve Regina University with Bachelors in Marketing and International Studies degree in 2007, I jumped straight into the business world as an Event Manager in a national sporting event setting. This gave me valuable experience with business and working with people.

As a child I was lactose intolerant and a few years ago I, once again, found myself having digestion imbalances. After following the dietary/nutrition recommendations made by my naturopath, I was able to pin point what was causing my imbalances and reconnect with my body. Since then I have realized that the changes that I have made in my diet and my life have had a huge impact on my health, well being, energy and how I feel every day.  This led me to my passion for nutrition and wanting to help others with nutrition concerns that want to be healthier overall and perform to their best ability.

Recent Education

To achieve this end, I recently graduated from the University of Utah with a Masters in Sports Nutrition and am now a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and Certified Dietitian (CD) in the state of Utah. In addition to Nutrition Breakthru, I am very active in my community and strive to work with all populations. I have experience with nutrition counseling and presentations to various ages, youth nutrition programs, gluten free diets, recipe development, weight management and athlete fueling education.

Sports Background and Philosophy

Being an athlete for 18 plus years, I was competitive in soccer, basketball, lacrosse, track and field and swimming.  Presently I coach girl’s high school basketball, teach fitness classes and am very passionate about helping student athletes perform to their best ability while being healthy. Good nutrition is as important as being mentally and physically prepared to perform. All three play a significant role in performance and throughout life. My passion is to help athletes and individuals Breakthru their old habits and live a healthier happier life to achieve their goals and perform at their optimal level.