Dee and Valerie knew there could be a healthier option to the store bought gluten free muffins, which typically contained excessive amount of processed sugar. Together they wanted to see if we could make equally delicious muffins using little or no sugar while being gluten and dairy free. As described in our stories, we experienced the benefits of removing gluten from our diets and together we decided to convert our recipes to gluten, dairy and processed sugar free. In this cookbook you will find our stories and rationale for going gluten, dairy and sugar free. We summarize the ingredients you will want to have available in your pantry and discuss the nutritional value of these ingredients. Also, you will find the nutrition facts of each muffin including calories, fat calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and natural sugar amounts. Our recipes are seasonal, as we believe it is healthiest to eat what is in season. We give you several “add-in” options with each recipes allowing for more variety and fun when you cook.

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