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Student Athletic Performance

Individual Counseling & Team Talks

Student Athletes go 24/7 with school, strength and conditioning, practices, games, homework, family and friends.  Often times healthy food choices usually get replaced with easy convenient fast foods that are not meeting an athlete’s demand for nutrients that will facilitate fueling and recovery. The want and desire to play hard and do well is the focus of every student athlete. And, if a student athlete has aspirations of continuing their athletic career into college or beyond, my counseling can be instrumental in teaching them the habits that will keep them functioning optimally as long as they are competitive.  Overall, my aim is to help each athlete learn and understand how nutrition plays a key element in your physical and emotional balance with performance to include fueling strategies for pre, during and post activity, how to fill your athlete plate, hydration, eating on the road, important vitamins and minerals, and healthy recipes and tips.

Available for in person counseling or virtual counseling (if appropriate).

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  • Initial Individual Consultations are 60 minutes and focus on the athlete’s sport, lifestyle and goals, includes handouts, $90.
  • Follow Up Individual Consultations are 30 minutes, includes handouts, $50.
  • Package: Initial Individual Consultation and four 30 minute Follow Up Individual Consultations, includes handouts, $250.
  • Team talks are either three talks at 30 minutes a piece or one 60 minute presentation.
  • Team talks contain presentation, handouts and possible nutrition related activity or cooking demo, price varies $60-$120.