Healthy Mindful Eating Tips for the Holidays

untitled1A change of season to colder weather is a time for comfort foods and the holidays. Each holiday comes with enjoying parties, life, food and beverages with the risk of a few extra-unwanted pounds. However, it doesn’t have to be that way with a little healthy mindful eating so you can have your pumpkin pie and keep your waistline.



Here are 5 Tips to help during the Holiday Season:

  1. Keep up with the Exercise!  Local gyms have tons of fun classes to take during the holiday season for you and your family. Start a new tradition with your family by going to Yoga, Spin or Boot Camp! Being active will help burn calories throughout the holiday season.
  2. Mind your portion sizes- When it comes to balance, moderation is key. Choose a smaller plate and follow the myplate method where ½ your plate is fruits and vegetables, a ¼ is lean protein and a ¼ is whole grains (starch).
  3. “Pre-Game” before a Holiday Party- Have you ever gone to the grocery store hungry? Same idea! If you have a tendency to overeat at parties then a pre party snack may be just what you need. Eating a piece of fruit or vegetables with a good source of protein, for example a nut butter, cheese or hummus can help you arrive fueled instead of starving.
  4. Practice mindful eating and the 3-Bite Rule- Avoid the temptation to graze and put anything in your mouth while chatting. Choose your indulgences wisely and eat them sitting down “in the moment” after you have placed them on a plate. With that in mind, observe how you feel before and during eating and savor the food. Within three bites of eating a certain food (aka cookie, pie, side dish or appetizer) ask yourself if you really want to keep eating it or have attained satisfaction.
  5. Reject the “All or Nothing” Approach- Many individuals go into the holidays saying “I will start my diet after the holidays.” Avoid this thinking and instead think of each day as a new day. Enjoy the indulgences and drop the guilt. If you overdo it then vow to live a healthier day today! I always recommend 80% of the time make healthful choices and 20% of the time have fun with those treats that are special to you!

Nutrition Breakthru strives to encourage and educate individuals to Breakthru their old habits to make better lifestyle choices for optimal health, performance and wellbeing through nutrition.”

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