More than just Vitamins and Minerals… Let’s keep hydrated with these 10 Fruits and Vegetables!


By: Valerie Mey, MS, RDN, CD –Owner of Nutrition Breakthru,

Staying hydrated is key during the summer season. Getting your 8 cups of water every day is the first step but adding some of these fruits and vegetables can give you an added boost of hydration and vitamins and minerals. Enjoy!

  1. Cucumbers– Staying cool as a cucumber sounds wonderful during a hot summer day. Cucumbers are 95% water and packed with Potassium. Suggestions: Snack on cucumbers and hummus, throw into a salad or pair with tomatoes and feta cheese with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a great side dish!
  2. Zucchini – Spiralized Zoodles are all the craze now for noodle lovers and pasta cravings! Zucchinis are 95% water and high in Vitamin A and Magnesium. Suggestions: Make some Zoodles or fries out of Zucchini, bake into muffins or breads or add to any stir-fry dish.
  3. Watermelon- What is better than watermelon on a hot summer day! Watermelon is 92% water and high in Vitamins A, B6 and C. Suggestions: Use to flavor water or puree into make a healthy Popsicle or create a watermelon salad with goat/feta cheese and basil.
  4. Celery – Lean, green and a cancer-fighting machine. Celery is 95% water and high in Lutein, a flavonoid that has the potential to inhibit cancer cell growth. Suggestions: Eat celery with your favorite nut butter, add to soups, stir fry’s and salads or just munch on with a great veggie platter!
  5. Carrots– Very important for great vision both during the day and night. Carrots are 90% water and high in Fiber. Suggestions: Add them to a veggie platter with celery, dip them in hummus or guacamole or add them to a salad.
  6. Cantaloupe – Crisp and refreshing especially when you add to your morning breakfast routine. Cantaloupe is 90% water and a good source of Vitamin C and Beta-Carotene. Suggestions: Add to a fruit salad, a tropical salsa or make a kebab with cantaloupe, cheddar cheese and red grapes.
  7. Tomatoes- Are great all year round but really come into your diet during the summer season. Tomatoes are 95% water and high in Potassium, Lycopene to fight against cancer and Vitamin A and C. Stick to the fresh tomatoes though as canned or sauces can be high in added sugars and salt! Suggestions: Add to salads or combine with mozzarella and basil to make a caprese salad or slice and grill with Olive Oil for a great side dish.
  8. Strawberries– Are the most hydrating berry of the bunch. Strawberries are 92% water, full of natural sweetness and Vitamin C. Suggestions: Double up with hydration and add strawberries to water with mint, add to a spinach salad for a great summer twist or make a delish mixed berry fruit salad and top with fresh whipped cream for a healthy dessert!
  9. Radishes- Not usually on the radar but a great root vegetable to add to your summer menu. Radishes are 95% water and are known for their cooling effect as it can help alleviate excess heat in the body. Suggestions: Add to salads, snack on them in a veggie platter with carrots and celery or add to coleslaw recipes.
  10. Peaches- Stay happy as a peach this summer! Peaches are 88% water and rich in Potassium and Fiber to help lose weight. Suggestions: Snack on a peach, add to a salsa or salad or indulge after dinner with a fresh ripe peach to satisfy those sweet cravings.



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